About Us

Hey! Myself Prashant Kumar, I'm currently pursuing my bachelor's degree. We are here to make things easy for you, Digital marketing - A simple as well as complicated word. It is all about promoting knowledge about everything you know and something that is yet to arrive. It includes the promotion of different things that you need but maybe you don't know about it. So I Prashant Kumar is here to help you know abt everything. Gaining knowledge is my passion and always have them on my mind is my strength and to promote information you gotta have some and I'm here to promote every information you want through my website rushsells.com 

This blog tells you everything about digital marketing. We also share informations related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and tell you how you can level up your website and take it up to a good rank, what it takes, and requires to get a good ranking for your website Creating a website for own sake is as simple and as complicated as said verbally but a website is not only for your own sake but for the public who are going to help u get a good ranking in search engine. So here we are for all the new beginners providing step by step information for getting a good rank in search engines.