How to Get Ranked for Multiple Keywords on Single Page

Good content brings you traffic but how many keywords are you supposed to have on one page? So this post is about Why and How to use multiple keywords in a page to get ranked and to get traffic.

There is neither any limit of keywords that you can have on a page no you are going to create pages or write pages on a specific number of keywords. You are free to use as many keywords as you want on a page. The very first thing you must go with is to select the main keywords and start with the main keywords on the page.

For example: if you have a website of makeup products then lipstick, eyeshadow, etc can be your keywords.

In the same way, you can have 100 keywords to rank on many keywords you need to focus on a few keywords it is not needed that you need to focus on all the keywords for ranking on them you just need to focus on some of them.

The second thing that I will help you to rank is good and informative content. It is very important to have nice content that has all the information in it and is like by the searchers. If the content is liked by a searcher it will generate more and more traffic which is very beneficial for a website.

Focusing on a few keywords will lead to rank you on long-tail phrases which will surely result in ranking you for 100 keywords.


This has an answer as Yes.

You can rank on multiple keywords on a single page and actually, you should rank on multiple keywords.


When you choose a single keyword to rank in search engines then the problem which comes is that the content is not very broad. The entire contents revolve around a single keyword, so it is not possible to have a broad content with only one keyword and it is believed that the larger the content is the more depth it is having in it, and a broad content with depth in it is also considered to be good and proper. It also sends a positive signal to the user from the point of view of the content.

When you go for a single keyword you can't create many related sub-keywords to it and can not elaborate too many things in it.

Single keyword in a page can also reduce the page authority, if your keywords are on different pages the domain authority will be divided among different pages and each page will have less page authority as compared to the page authority if all the keywords would have been in the same page.

Keywords in different pages will break you work on each page but in multiple keywords you will have to work only for one-page promotion as all your keywords will be there on a single page, too many pages also increases the complexity of a website.

How to Get Ranked for Multiple Keywords on Single Page


Multiple keywords don't mean having totally different keywords, it means having keywords of the same type.

You can find the keywords for using tools for keyword planners or there are many more ways of finding keywords. but after getting keywords from different tools you must keep in mind that all the keywords selected by you should be related to your content. It should not be that in any kind of content any keyword has been stuffed.

Even the keywords should be related to each other that is the keywords can be synonyms or words that could give you the same meaning, all the words should be related to the content and should justify it.

As we are known to the fact that high volume keywords are difficult to rank for ranking on search keywords you need a very established website, but it is not necessary that keywords with high volume will produce more and more clicks.

It is also possible that they may not give you such kind of traffic which you expect from them. In the same way, a Keyword with very less difficulty school gives you too much of traffic.


When you are getting some clicks for some of the keywords you should try to work on those keywords. You should try to add them to your content and give more content for that keyword. Try to cover those keywords in your article, don't feel them, or put them in the content try to naturally use them.

You can also use long-term phrases of the words you are ranking for, as there are even chances to rank for the long-term phrases.

On a website, there are many paid so you should try to make some main pages so that you can make related pages to it and that main page can act as a start of a complete topic.

For example, The main page of SEO can be started and after that, all the parts of SEO like the backlinks, keywords, Black hat SEO, white hat SEO, and many more can be covered under the main pages and different pages can be made for them.

The main page that you will meet should be well designed and should contain everything a good page must contain the page should also be well presented.

Now around the main page, we need to find all the other terms you can rank for related to the topic. You can use anything like you can compare a few things, you can and even go with the questions on the topic. You can create articles related to the main page and link them from the main page. 

It is not too difficult to rank on multiple keywords and as seen it has a better scope of ranking than a single keyword page.

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