Optimize your Keywords and Rank on Google

Keywords are the words composed by the client on the search engine to discover a topic. this simply means that when the user types of the word for a query on the search engine that can be called as keywords.

Keywords have a very vital role to rank your website on Google, keywords help your customer to find you and reach you. It tells the searches that you have the content they are searching for.

If you have done research about your keywords well and good use that keyword but don't speak to those keywords if in future there are better keywords that can give you a good rank on Google and also good traffic. So keep evolving with time and needs. Use those keywords which will be beneficial for you don't stick to one keyword.

Keywords ought to reflect the appropriate subject of your site and they ought to be utilized naturally with legitimate sentence structure. Indeed, even your URL can rank due to some great keywords.

In place of targeting famous and expensive keywords try to target search keywords which will help you to get the audience and the text of your website matches it.



The very important factor of ranking through keyword is trying to understand searcher intent and work on keyboards accordingly, but keep in mind that you don't stuff too many keywords as it is not considered correct by Google and it can harm your ranking.

It is not necessary to have the exact keywords to your post or site, you can even have related ones. Google is smart enough and has a number of technologies to understand that your content is related to searchers' intent.

For example: if the question is "What is SEO? " And you have keywords like the definition of SEO explanation of SEO then Google can identify that your content is related to searches intent.

This shows that half of your work is done if your content fulfills the search intent. through your content, you must let Google know what it is actually about, and in your content, you have to use some words or phrases that would let Google know what your content is about.

Yours focused on keywords and significant words ought to be utilized in your URL, title, headlines, and content your keywords can likewise be equivalents of the words you think that it's hard to rank on.

For example: "Learn how to do Off-Page SEO" so over here you can also use the words like "Techniques of Off-Page SEO",

"Ways to do Off-Page SEO", "Strategies to do Off-Page SEO" or "Methods of doing Off-Page SEO" and many more synonyms can be used to which would reflect the same meaning with the words easy to rank.

Optimize your Keywords and Rank on Google

Most of the time people of the same business go with the same keywords, as they use the common way to find keywords, in that case, you need to be very careful about picking your keywords. If you stand in a competitive place your website should be in the level of the other websites in your competition.

If you have a new website then you should not try with higher competitive keywords as these sites that are your competitions have been there for a long time in their keywords are known by their customers and they already have traffic whereas you just started your website.

There are various tools through which you can check how hard it is to rank on the keyword you have chosen. There are even websites that give you many keywords based on your content title or main keyword. After getting the keywords you can join the keywords to make anything like URL, title, etc.

Keywords can also be mentioned in your article, you can even use these keywords as your headings and subheadings.

When tools give you the keyword you need to select the best ones from them whose CPC is good with a good volume and has low competition in it. It is very necessary to check everything about the keywords you are selecting to use in your article, URL, or title. This would surely help you to get a good rank on Google.


Sometimes it is also possible that you don't rank even if you are using the keywords at correct places and that's because of the selection of wrong keywords. Yes, it simply means that you chose the wrong keyword.

The way to avoid this mistake is to check the keywords used by your competitors and then select the keywords which you should use first which would give you traffic and have less competition.

Try to use somewhat exact keywords

For example, A keyword "earrings" can have different meanings like maybe someone is trying to search earrings to buy them or maybe just wants to its pictures or it is even possible that this keyword has been tied just to have some designs of earrings.

As we can see there are lots of possibilities so we need to be clear about our keyword. Clear means we have to be more exact about our services or products.

Like "Buy online oxidized earrings" or "Designs for gold earrings" 

This kind of keywords makes it clear for the user what are the products or services you are providing them.

So try to choose clear keywords that describes your product or services properly.


Brainstorming: In this process, you have to bring all your ideas and plans on a paper that would help you to get some keywords from your ideas, and then you can work on it.

Using tools: After brainstorming you can take the help of some tools to get some related terms of the keyword, you found while brainstorming. The related terms would surely be beneficial. Through this, you would also come to know what your competitors are targeting.

Checking keywords: In this, you are supposed to check how competitive your keywords are what is its volume, and other important things you need to check for a good keyword.

Prioritizing: After you are done with all the processes you need to understand which keywords should be used and when it should be used.

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