Importance of Link Building and Impact of Backlinks on SEO

Link building is one of the most difficult things to do in SEO. You need to do things correctly and need to have a creative approach. Doing this properly will give you a good rank in search engines. Link building is the process when a link of your website is given on another website so that a click on that link opens up the page of your website and increases the traffic and give you a higher and better rank. These links are called backlinks.

Many people just don't focus on the process there are just concerned about the end result not focusing on the correct procedure that should be followed by them. Link building is a procedure of how good your relationship is with other site owners who will link to your content which is even somehow beneficial to them this is also a kind of value exchange.

Link Building

Why is link building important?

Through link building, your website gets a better rank on the search engine. Getting a good rank simply defines your website has a good quality and quantity of posts. It also judges the page where the link of your page is given, link building helps to bring out your content in front of can surely generate traffic as well as revenue for you.

You can get backlinks in three ways:

Create Backlinks

This is you adding links on your own:

1. By giving your website or adding them to directories.

2. You can also comment on any of the blogs which will leave a recognization of your website.

3. You can also add your website to any of your social media profiles.

Buying Backlinks

Buying backlinks is when you pay a website owner for or a link back to your page. but this is against the rules of Google webmaster and this may even lead to losing your rank in the search engine. This can even lead to removing your page from the Google search engine. Buying links is also proved to be very expensive.

Earning Backlinks

The very correct way of getting backlinks. In this, you are supposed to contact the website owner to link back a page of your website and then you can return the favor by linking their page back. This is considered a difficult process but is the most valuable amongst the three methods of backlinking.

Importance of Link Building and Impact of Backlinks on SEO

How to make good links?

The very first point that has to be looked at is relevance which is the website you choose for linking back your page. The website you choose should be good, should have good traffic, and should also be related to your page.

For example: if you are selling shoes then the link should not be on a gardening tips website.

You should choose a website that has a higher authority. A website with higher authority can give you better results as compared to a website with low authority. Domain authority is one of the ways of checking how good is the website, so always choose a website with a higher domain authority of yours.

URL rating which represents the overall strength of a page's backlink profile should also be checked and considered.


There are few parts in a link that matters in SEO.

The very first thing is the destination URL that is when you click on the given link the page that appears should be nice enough as it is your first impression on the user, so it should be good enough so that the person go through your website and see rest of the posts.

Next which comes is anchor text it is one of the very important as it is the thing that will be clicked by the user to reach your URL destination. It is basically the link. It can be a phrase, image, or a word. Anchor text helps Google to understand better what the page is basically about and give it rank on the search engine, you can also use some keywords in your link.

There are some pages that have a "rel" attribute which basically tells that relationship between the linking page and the linked page.

There are 3 rel values that should be looked at:

• No-follow


• Sponsored

No-follow links are the links that told Google that the linking page would rather not associate themselves with the linked page and because of that Google wants transfer authority through those links.

UGC which stands for "user generated content".

Sponsored signifies a paid link.

If a link does not have any of these rel values then it is called a follow link, which means that the link can past page rank and help boost your rank.

Where is the link placed?

Where the link has been placed plays a very crucial role as an editorial link is clicked much more than a link that is placed in the footer. Which for sure matters and creates a huge difference. Links can be built on any kind of page but one thing that should be taken care of is that what people actually want to link to. This is very clear that the commercial pages are difficult to get linked to as if someone is contributing to your bank account in return they want something from you. If you are creating non-commercial content then that's beneficial and informative for people as it provides some kind of information to people. It is even more deserving of a link. People also feel like linking some content which is helpful for their own website. An informative post can get lots of links. Studies on various things and data studies also attract links.

Value exchange is one of the nice ways in which your link can be on their website and in return they link can be on yours. Exchanging a lot of links in return of money is considered against Google's webmaster guidelines.

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