How to do Social Media Marketing and its Importance

A strategy is a plan that is made to make your work easy and specify that which are the things that have to be paid special attention and which are the things which you will be e giving a second priority. It is basically a plant that you make before starting work and do everything accordingly.

The strategy is made so that all the work goes in a  smooth manner from the starting to the end and if your starting and end are not smooth then the strategy is not correct and it needs to be changed.

And a good strategy is very important for a successful business as it is a pre-planned whose task is going to take how much time and how it has to be done.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

To make a good strategy you need to follow a process.

The very first thing you need to focus on his goals and after that who to reach that is who is your audience and then you need to see which channel will be best for you and the last one is the type of engagement.

So you just need to understand and follow these 4 things for a perfect strategy which would surely give a good result with the smooth process.


Every project has a goal. People wish to have traffic through the organic promotion they are doing or through the advertisement they are doing on social media.

People even do SEO  from a link-building point of view. People wish for brand awareness.

Conversions that is direct sales or something like those objectives or goals.

you need to be very clear about your goal and it is not necessary to have only one goal one business can have multiple goals.

so you need to select a goal and focus on it because the goal is the very first thing and the most important thing that has to be concentrated, if one is not going to have a goal it would be very difficult to land in a good place.


Who is going to be your prospect audience is a very important question.

You need to decide whether you will be reaching your existing customer or you will step into a new market.

What is the new market?

When a business is expanded and is started in a new place then it is considered a new market. As it is a new beginning and the business is totally new for that place. 

Stepping in a new market means targeting a totally new audience. Good mapping is very important in this, the mapping will help you to create a smooth line for easy work.

How to do Social Media Marketing and Why is it Important


The very important thing is to find out:

Where are your ideal clients?

Where do they hangout?

Which would be the correct platform to reach them?

The most important thing is you need to be very clear who your ideal customers are or which type of customer do you require. In different cases, different channels are useful and are proved beneficial. So you will have to make a decision that which channel will be beneficial for you and this has to be done while making the strategy.

In every condition, there is a role of a different channel. the work that can be done on Instagram cannot be done on Twitter all the work that can be done on LinkedIn can't be done on Facebook.

In different platforms, there are different types of audiences, so it depends on the type of audience you want to reach that which channel you will select.

If a business is being done by you and in that business, you need to go in contact with businessmen that is if you are in a B2B business then for such kind of business you can easily use LinkedIn as there are lots of businessmen there and this platform will be proved beneficial for you.

If you are doing B2C business that is business to customer you can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Be very careful about your ideal customer who is your prospects and where you can get them.

After selecting a channel it is also very important to present yourself in front of them. Going in front of them means to choose one platform and go in front of them and allowed them to know about what you want to give them a what are your products or services that you are going to provide them. 

Don't go on all the platforms as being everywhere would give a good result. Each channel and each platform works in a different manner and is good for only that specific business. in the beginning, it's better to choose one platform and as you grow you can increase your channel.

Try to understand and know every possible thing about the platform so that you can present your things in a better manner for a better result. 

Use Social Media Platform to Earn Money

Sell something in exchange for which you can earn money using social media as it tool which is even proving beneficial for you and is helping you out. The business simply means earning money and if you are not doing that on social media then my friend what are you doing there try to change your likes your followers into money.

Types of Engagement

It is like which type of content is available to you. It is simply the way through which you would like to reach your audience, it totally depends on you that you want to reach your audience through photographs videos or surveys, or something else like blogs whatever way you think is good for you.

The sizing all this will help you to avoid care and you will be able to work in a smooth manner.

Various techniques should be decided on. According to their importance, it should be arranged and then a plan should be made including the duration of each task so that you have a rough idea of how much duration each of your tasks should take and the order of here work will also be clear for you.

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