Best SEO Friendly URL Optimization

It has a great impact on SEO if your URL is not SEO friendly. You need to focus on your permalink to rank your website.

Permalink is is that part of the URL which is related to your post or describes your post. You should try to immediately let the user know about your post through the URL. You should not stretch you to make the user understand your post you should try to keep it short and simple.

You can do too many On-page SEO but if your URL is too long or too many stop words are added or keyword stuffing has been done then your website is not going to get a rank.

SEO friendly URL Optimization

When you write your title on WordPress or blogger that title is you are converted into a URL. You should take care of the fact that your title is converted into a URL and before your title, the name of your web-site comes which results in a big  URL that is not at all SEO friendly.

Your URL should have a connection with your page title. Don't exactly use it but a connection should be there. Your permalink should be meaningful and it should tell what it is about. An exact justification is not required but it should justify you should also focus on its intent.

Your URL should be short and readable. In one sentence people should come to know what your post is related to. You have to make the user understand what your post is going to tell them to your URL you have to generate that interest in the user through your URL. Show the selection of the words in the URL is very important as it describes your post. 

If your URL is long and not readable then this is taken as a negative point by Google.

Stop words should not be used in URL as it takes your premium space which is provided by Google, you should gain benefits by making a good URL meta description and title and adding stopwords in premium spaces considered a room.

Using special characters like underscore (_) in a URL is considered by Google but is not correctly readable so using the hyphen (-) in place of the underscore is better. A hyphen (-) looks good and even is readable.

Best SEO Friendly URL Optimization


You should also be very careful about the parameter. This parameter mistake is openly seen in WordPress as in blogger you directly get the name of your post button WordPress it happens that in place of the name of your website your product number appears which does not specifies what your post is about and the audience is not able to understand what the article is about. Specifying what your post is about is one of the most important things that should even be done through URL.

Keyword stuffing should also not be done in URL as it will increase the length of the URL, would not even make sense, and stop words will also be included in that which will give a negative result.

Google itself is very strict about keyword stuffing so it may lead to not getting a good rank. So avoid keyword stuffing for getting a better rank for your website.

Keywords can be used in your permalink but you don't have to do keyword stuffing.

If you have already done mistakes with your URL then you will have to correct it manually.


Through your URL you can give an idea to the user that what your post is about and their uses according to their interest can click on your URL for a better understanding of the topic.

A sentence describing a topic should be used in a URL so that it attracts the interest of the users who are searching for that particular topic. 

URLs can also help in backlinking.

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