8 Strategies of Top Ranking on Google

Ranking higher in the search engine is very important as 80% of people go with the top results on the search engine and 30% of them go for a very first result. So to get traffic is very important to rank at the top.

This post will be telling you about some of the things which can be done for ranking on top.

Higher Ranking on Google


Keywords play a very important role as your website should have the keywords that are searched. Everyone has the same keyword and creates great competition. To stand in competition with famous websites when your website is not so famous or if you just started your website is not a smart move But going with keywords which are highly competitive is not a smart move you should try to go with the keywords which do not have too many competitive as it will be easy for you to rank.

While preparing for choosing a keyword you need to think about search intent that is what is the reason behind the search query.

You also have to be very careful about the keyword you choose for your content. The keyboard you give to your content should match with it and there should be a relation between the content and keyword.

For example: If your content is about steps to make backlinks and YouTube keyword SEO campaign then this keyword is not exactly what your content is about. it will be clicked by the people who want to know about the SEO campaign and not the ones who want to know about backlinks. Backlinks are just part of SEO and not complete SEO, so this will lead to a fall in Google ranking and organic traffic, as Google will come to know that your keyword is not fitted to your content.


Content is the thing which gives you traffic and plays a very important role in getting you a good rank. always go with such contents that would satisfy the user and would give you traffic. 

Content should be chosen on the basis of the interest of the users always choose such content that people want to know about, don't go with the content which is not demanded or you feel that people won't search for it.

Whatever topic you choose you should come with the topic totally you will have to talk about everything and every possibility under that topic.


How to rank on the first page you also need to take care of page speed. It is very office that if your page does not have a proper speed people would not prefer it, your page has to be speed enough to rank good, it should not take too much time to open or move to the next page or move to any of the pages of your website.


Most of the people prefer a mobile phone for a quick Search. So it is very important that your website can be operated on the mobile phone easily.

8 Strategies of Top Ranking on Google


The length of the URL also matters as too long URL is not considered to be good, so try to go with a short URL that in a sentence tells the user what your content is about so that the user clicks on the URL and go to your page.

Users clicking on your URL will generate traffic for you which will be beneficial for you to give you a better ranking on the search engine.

Already, there is a post on the topic SEO Friendly URL Optimization


To rank on a page you need to see who your competition are and you need to be better than them to rank above them. You can also check the domain rating of the website which represents the strength of the website's backlink profile. To this, you would be able to compare your competition. There is the various website that you can use to check your domain rating.


Backlinks play a very important role in giving your website rank but you need to have an estimate of backlinks you cannot go on producing thousands of backlinks. There are many websites that help you with how much backlinks should be produced and even guide you on the websites that you should use for backlinks. So if you are not able to do things on your own then you can take help from those websites.


Dwell time is simply the time a person spends on a webpage, that means when the user opens your web page then the time spent by him/her looking on your web page even matters.

So you should try that uses pens more and more of time on your web page for that you need to have long content or you can even add videos to increase the dwell time.


Even after following all the ranking factors, doing many corrections, and giving many tries some of the websites don't rank. This is because something is being missed and that's none other than search internet which means what is the reason for the search query. Google tries to give the searcher the most appropriate answer for their query.

so you must concentrate on your keyword that you choose for any result and your content should match the reason for the search query and give them an appropriate answer.

Backlink Authorities of pages also play a very vital role in providing you a good rank, so try to have a quality and quantity of backlinks. 

Public Pagerank was discontinued in 2016 but it still plays a major role in ranking a page. Even the internal links of a page matters for higher ranking.

URL also gives a good rank to a website as pages with good and higher URLs are ranked on top as it generates original traffic.

Original traffic is what most of the websites want so all the possibilities that could get you and organic traffic should be tried. The contents that you create for the searcher should also have quality and it would even be much better if it even provides you with quantity.

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