What is White Hat SEO Techniques?

White hat SEO contains the legal things that can be done to make your website popular and known to the people. It is a long term process. 

So below will be discussing some of the White Hat SEO:

Creating very high-quality information

This will give you more and more visitors to your website as you providing them valuable information. This is one of the best ways to get the trust of your readers and make them always come to your website. 

Long Blog posts

Writing a long post simply means that it will contain all the information that is required for the information and nothing will be left. The post should be written for the readers and not for Google. Always the right content which makes sense and is useful for the visitors should be posted, keyword stuffing should not be done.

Manual Social Bookmarking

It means actual person manually submitting your website to top social bookmarking websites so it can get you traffic and naturally and organic increase your searches and even increase your ranking. It is a proven way to get traffic safely.

Guest posting

Guest posting is something in which you can contact other bloggers and create content for them and they would do the same for you, you can even write content on their blog then after they provide a link back to yours and you also return then favor by having them create content for you and you give a small link back to them. This is a very great way to build up a long term relationship with the people and also get those backlinks that provide real power and rank your websites.

Blog Comments Forum Posts

Anywhere you can get a link on so you are actually going to manually add real value to the website and if you do this most webmasters will approve your comment. So it's kind of trade of things you have to provide value to get value.

Hiring Writers to create mini-blogs

You can get good sources of backlinks as long as the mini-blogs are of good quality. You have your writers creating these blogs and you are also going to do social bookmarking on those blogs so that means you are creating real websites and this will get traffic and also have some search engine linking power so you can take this power to your money website.

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