What is the PPC model and how does it work?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a marketing process by online advertising, in which advertisers have to pay if there is a click on their Ad. The advertisers bid the amount which they will pay on each click keeping in mind the keywords platforms and audience type in which it originates.

The three things according to which the advertiser bid is keywords platforms and audience type:

Keywords: The keywords play a very important role as your ad will be shown only if the keyword searched by the audience is the keyword that you have optimized for your ad to show.

Platform: The platform you choose for your Ad should be known by the audience as an unknown platform will not give you proper results.

Audience type: The type of audience that has to be targeted is also one of the major works. The audience which is targeted should be the ones who are interested in your product and who have some use of your product.

PPC model can achieve the various type of goals such as:

• Increasing sales

• Generating leads

• Promoting brand awareness

The two of the most famous platforms that follow the PPC model are:

Google Ads

The places where your Ads can be shown by Google Ads are Google, the partner website of Google, and the other display websites of Google.

Google Ads (Google AdWords) are one of the largest pay per click platform and this was launched in October 2000.

Bing Ads

The Ads by bing arts are shown on the Bing search engine and other Yahoo networks. It also has a large audience of 142 million unique searchers and a vast network. The system of PPC is as the audience comes and clicks on your Ad the advertiser will have to pay the amount that he has kept for building.

Now when you type the keyword some results come and you see 2-3 Ads so is it that only two or three people have used those keywords for their Ad?

No that's totally not the case, when the top ranking ads are selected some of the parameters set by the one publishing your Ads are being seen, and the advertisers have to show the quality of their page and then they will have to tell the amount of bidding.

So according to these things Ads are ranked on the page and after the click, the advertiser has to pay the amount that he gave while bidding.

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