What is Black Hat SEO Techniques?

This post does not mean we are encouraging Black Hat SEO, this post is basically about what has to be avoided. It has been seen that for promotion many people try keyword stuffing from new ways.

If the keyword is filled all over the page then the algorithm comes to know about it which is not considered correct by them and user experience is also spoilt as they get only with keywords when the start reading something.

So to this Black Hat SEO has brought up a solution in which you can stuffed keywords but that won't be seen on your page but will be considered. So this will not spoil the experience of the user.

Black Hat SEO Technique Hidden Text & Links

There are different ways by Black hat SEO in which you can hide your keywords and this is basically known as Black hat SEO technique hidden text and links. We will discuss the different ways that are used to hide text and links that is how invisible is made visible.

Using the same background-color

When the text and the background color are the same then the text could not be seen which is a very simple way of hiding the text.

Using the same link color as the background

As we used the text color is similar to the background color in the same way link and the background also has the same color, which hides the link.

Using the same background image color as text 

When you try to write the text on the image then the background color of the image and the text color are done the same. So now the text on the image could not be seen.

Using Cascading Style Sheets

This is done through CSS.

Hiding visibility in CSS

Using CSS this is been hidden.

Locating text behind an image

In this process text or link is hidden behind an image and is not visible.

Setting the font size to zero

When the size of the font is brought to zero then it is not visible but it is considered on the page.

Hiding a link by only linking one small character

This can be explained by an example:

So if an anchor text is taken and in between the anchor text a hyphen is there from which link is connected, so this is how you build up your link.

These are the methods used by Black hat SEO but as now algorithm has become advance so these things are detected very easily and are difficult to be done now.

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