Most Common 5 On-Page SEO Mistakes that Should be Avoided

There are different On-page SEO mistakes that are made by people which they often are not able to recognize. Below we will mention some of the common On-page SEO mistakes made by people.

Different On-Page SEO Mistakes

Title tags and description

This is one of the most common mistakes made by people, as they think they only have to write 50 to 60 characters for title and 150 around characters for description and write a normal title and description without considering and thinking about the intent, they do not come to know that where they are lacking in the website because of which it is not ranking but titles and description can be one of the biggest mistakes.

Over-optimization should also be avoided

Over-optimization: It is the practice of creating too many SEO improvements to the point that improvements begin to ruin the website's ability to rank. You are doing all the typical SEO good stuff but then you jack it up too far and things go downhill.

Not focusing on intent is also one of the major reasons for a website not getting ranked on search engines. We will be taking an example for a better understanding of the concept of intent.

Example: if a user will search "WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING" that means the intent behind the question is that the user wants to know about digital marketing. There is always an intent associated with a query.

So this search of the user will give him results related to the keywords that are there in his query. The user will go for that website whose description and title show the content to be useful to him. so if the title and description of the website do not match the query intent of the searcher they won't open it.

In the same way, if your title has digital marketing with a bit of expansion in the description then they will go for your website and this is what the website was made for that is generating traffic which totally depends on your title and content. You need to understand that some of the other intent is related to the query, so how that internet has to be brought in your title and description.

Keeping in mind the query and intent relationship with help to solve one of the basic problems of title and description.

Start focusing on the On-page SEO at the time of website creation only

People often make this mistake that they work on there On-page SEO after starting their website, this should be avoided and people must think about parallel working which is they should work on On-page SEO and website creation together.

Broken or missing Alt tags

When an image is not loaded it is basically a broken image or alt tag is missing. There is data that says 45% of websites have missing alt tags problem. You should take care that with all images there should be alt tags.

External link placements

Moz Link Explorer and Ahrefs are to study the external links from this you come to know on which website you are basically giving the external links. Many people are not able to properly use the external link placement so for better understanding we will be taking an example.

Example: we will take website A which has content and has given a link in it, which points to the other website that is website B. So, this is an external linking process in which one website gives a link that points out other websites or that is related to other websites. This is missed by most of the people and they are not able to use it properly.

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