How Email Marketing Strategy helps to Grow Business

You got a lead from somewhere and you started mailing them is this email marketing? 
You got a database from somewhere which contains the email address or contact of people and you started sending them emails through Gmail, you started mailing a particular person through promotional offers you are just feeling up someone's email is this cold email marketing?
So the answer over here comes no this is definitely not email marketing. Then the question arises is

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an art, a form of business. when you start sending commercial messages through email for an advertisement selling your products and services or related to any business request then that's called email marketing.

It requires an investment that may be a less amount of investment but it requires an investment of time and money both. You are doing email marketing and you want it that people buy products and services from you through email marketing but if you don't want to invest money and want others to do that then this approach is never going to work and that is the wrong approach. So monetary investment is required for email marketing.

If email marketing is done properly by you and you are able to manage it in a proper manner then its revenue can be 40 times more than your investment in email marketing. Whatever changes but once email address remains the same. It is not the thing which is often changed as a contact number it stays the same for always.

Email Marketing Strategies help you to Grow your Business


You are giving something to people which in return is giving the lead to you lead here means you are taking their email address mobile number name email and contact but in return to that you are giving something two people.
For example, you can provide them with Ebooks; from which they would learn many things.

Video series: You can provide them video series on a regular basis and the number of series would be decided by you and each day you will be giving them one video because of which every day they will open your email and their database will also be captured to you.

Webinar: You can also give them an invitation for a free webinar where people on their own will register.
You can also give them any valuable product or service or any recommendation.
now you understand what is your business and if not business then go for the things you are good at of the new things either provide e-books video series or webinar.

So from these things you can get their emails. Together with emails, you can use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many platforms where you can get a number of people you can step out there and tell them that you are going to provide then with things free of cost did just have to provide their lead in exchange.

So, now when you have "Lead" then what are you going to do next are you going to mail them one by one?
No, not at all this is not the process you are going to do. You are going to use an autoresponder. As email address comes in it automatically all the emails written before will be sent to the email address entered this is what is done by an autoresponder.

So, we would like to give you some of the names of autoresponders
• Autopilot
• Aweber
• HubSpot
• Active Campaign
• GetResponse
• Mail Chimp

How do you Earn Revenue in Email Marketing?

It is said in the US market that your income depends on the length of your email list. As long as your email list you will earn that much.
For example: If your email list has 1000 people then you can earn around $1000-5000.

What do you have to do with your leads?

The biggest mistake done by people is as they get email leads they think that they would start selling products and services since that day only. this is the wrong approach you should not start selling right since the first day. Related to this there is a terminology which is known as traffic temperature.

There are three audience type in traffic temperature:
• Cold customer: Who have no idea about you.

• Warm customer: Who has some idea about you.

• Hot customer: Who had already bought a product or service from you.

So you don't have to sell to go a customer, the most important factor of selling is credibility and trust and that is developed after a span of time. So now when you have a cold customer you need to you not heard them you need to value them and make them warm the audience from the cold audience. you would call them in your life session give them ebooks give them recommendations and take them from a cold audience to a warm audience and this process is called nurturing the audience.
And now when they have become home audience then you can sell them something that is the category of things you gave them and called them, you need to recommend things of that category only.

For example, you can sell them 
• Product
• Software
• Review
• Recommended software
• You can sell your own made-up course.
• You can send them to watch videos of the brands from which you have collaborated.
These are the different ways from which you can generate revenue by regularly mailing your email list.

Work on long term vision. Don't sell them any product which is not trusted or used by you this is a point of time when you need to gain their trust. Trust is all that which would help you to increase your email list. And increasing your email list is all that you did this for.

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