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Bizgurukul an advanced personality development course a platform where work on your personality is done. A platform that says learn the art and science of making money online using Affiliate Marketing. This course is for them who want to earn money and with that develop their personality or learn public speaking.

The courses are:

Gold - Rs.2,999

In this, a course of advanced personality development is provided which is the advanced technique to enhance your personality for the real world.

• It provides you 25 videos.

• Improve your communication skills.

• Instant access.

• You will get Rs.2,000 on every referral as a commission.

You can buy this Gold course from the link given below and start making money online.

Platinum - Rs.9,999

In this, a course of master public speaker is provided which is the step by step process to becoming a master public speaker storyteller and influencer. You will get Rs.7,000 on every referral.

How to earn?

Earning can be done through Bizgurukul by first buying any of its courses Gold or Platinum then with the referral link you can again sell those courses which will give you commission up to 70% the price of the course. Once you got the affiliate course you can sell it for as many times you want. You will get lifetime access.

This is is an easy earning process and does not require you to step out of the home. If you are selling Gold course then you will get 70% of Rs.2,999 that is Rs.2,000 rupees and if you go on selling Platinum course then you will get 70% of Rs.9,999 that is Rs.7,000 rupees.

Buy Bizgurukul Course & Start Online Business

What can you learn in this?

You can learn a lot of things in this app like personality development being a master public speaker or a storyteller or an influencer and dealing with the world,  it has various videos for such programs and even improves your personality and your communication skills.

It has the best teachers to develop your different skills and make you a perfect public speaker.

For any discussion, tips, help, or queries you can join the Bizgurukul Official Facebook Group. The link is shared below.

Bizgurukul Official Facebook Group

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