9 Most Common SEO Mistakes that Should be Avoided

SEO is a long term detailed process you need to do On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and many technical things so this is very common that when you have so much to do you start making mistakes. So this post will help you to avoid such types of mistakes which people do it unknown to the fact that these are are some major mistakes created by everyone which takes the rank of your website down.

So try to avoid the mistakes given below.

SEO Mistakes

We would start discussing it with a very important point that is patience.

Keeping patience is the main thing you need to do it's not that today you made a website and from tomorrow it would start to rank. There are many things that have to be done from SEO point of view for a better rank. You need to do things correctly and properly without losing your patience.


Understanding and researching keywords is very much important to help your website be easily found out by people.

We should research about proper keywords and focus on long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords are actually easy to rank. if you have a new website and your website does not has any authority and reputation from before or it's not very old or does not have a lot of content or it's about less consistency, in that case, it would be very challenging to rank on competitive keywords for short-tail keywords popular keywords which are very competitive in nature.

For example, 'Best electronics shop'

'Best electronics shop in Chicago City'

Show the second keyword is better than first and even has less competition easier to rank your website in the second keyword as there would be many electronics shop which would have to choose that keyword as best electronics shop and you would have to compete to all the electronic shop in the world but the second keyword good make you only compete with the best electronics shop in Chicago.

So with no doubt, the second keyword is better and people should choose search keywords which are proved beneficial for them.

Heart of SEO 

Content is the heart of Search engine optimization. Many people post copied content in their website or blog, the go for non-original content so you must avoid posting known original content as content is one of the most important things which helps you getting rank in search engine.

It is the path for a good rank.

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Focus on internal linking

Most of the people focus on external linking and backlinks but they don't understand the importance of internal linking its structure and benefits. They don't understand that they need to make a proper strategy for internal linking and will have to work on it.

So, people, you need to concentrate on external linking as well as internal linking.


Many people don't focus on analytics even many people, in the beginning, don't event integrate analytics on their website or blog. Show all that you have to do is focus on analytics and try to understand the analytics of website, if you will not understand the analytics of the website then you won't be able to make a decision from the data you will get. this is very important that you focus on analytics and integrate all the tools related to it at the beginning only.

9 Most Common SEO Mistakes that Should be Avoided like On-page and Off-page SEO


Many people don't go for integrations. Just like we were discussing in the previous point to integrate analytics similarly there are various things that have to be integrated in the beginning only for a better result of the website. 

For example: if you want to run add to your website then you will do remarketing and retargeting, so for all their pixels and add accounts you will have to do the integration. try to do the integration at the beginning itself because if you start doing it from when you want to start it then you will get the data since that time, but if you would have integrated since the day you started your website or blog then the data would be available to use since the starting day and you will get an idea about people's behavior and how they are interacting with your website. It would make things easy for you.

Say no to same anchor text

The same anchor text for all links should not be created. Many people use one same anchor text for all their links so this should be avoided as it is not the correct way and it won't land you on a good rank.

Backlinks quality, not quantity

Backlinks have these days became quantity oriented people think ok no the backlink today to the success but it is not the truth backlinks are dependent on your website and backlinks are about quality, not quantity.

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Consistency is also an important factor, that if you started a blog then you should be consistent on it you should post on it regularly. It's On-page and Off-page SEO should be done properly and technically Keep checking SEO.

Regular auditing

You need to audit on a regular basis, and not think that you did that two months ago or you did that 3 months ago. You need to do it regularly and also make a record of your performance that on which keyword you are ranking first and which keyword did not give you a proper rank. These are the things that you would come to know with regular auditing.

These are the points you should take care and avoid the things mentioned in those points. The ranking is not very difficult by following few steps of SEO in a proper manner. 

Above all this, the most important thing is keeping patience. Without patience, you won't be able to achieve a good rank or by breaking the rules you will rank ok but that won't be permanent.

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