How to Make First Campaign in Google Ads

This post gives you a detailed idea step-by-step about how to create your first campaign in Google Ads. It also tells you how to setup and create your Google Ads account. This is a very important part of digital marketing. It helps promotion and is the best way for Digital marketing.

• Sign in Google Ads 

Google Ads dashboard will appear
• Click on the plus button.
• Select new campaign.

• Select the campaign type.
You can even select a goal according to your choice.
To help you with the further process will take an example of Sales ad.
• Click on Sales.

It will give you five different options like search, display, shopping, video, and smart.
[ In sales we will be giving you search ad example ]
• Click on Search.

It will give you different options
• Select website visits
It will ask for a website URL, copy your website URL, and paste it in the given space.

• Click on continue.
It will ask your campaign name, you can give your campaign name according to your choice.

• In Networks, 
You need to remove the display ad as you are not promoting display ad you are promoting only search network.
• Click on show more settings.

It will give you three options:
• Start and end date
You can select any date from when to start and when to end (if not you can leave it). In the other two options, nothing has to be done.
• In
If you want to target the whole country then you can select a country if you want to target a particular location then you can enter the location accordingly.
• Select Language 
You can select your language in which language you want your audience to see your campaign.
• In audience option you can select your audience type.
• In the end of audience option if you are targeting audience then select targeting If not select observation.

Budget and Bidding
• Budget
You can put the amount of money you will spend each day.
In Bidding, 
• Select click.
• Click on set a maximum cost per click bid.
In this, you can give a maximum bidding limit.

• Select show more settings
You will get three options
In conversion, you can put tracking code and you can track your Ad like how many people saw your Ad, how many visited your website, etc.
In the Ad schedule, you can select which days you want to show your Ad and which days you don't.
In rotation, you can select how many
• Ad extensions
You can select whatever extra you want to show in your Ad.
• In call extension you can select your country and give your number.

• Click on save and continue

• Under ad group
When you will enter your URL google itself will provide you withelated to your business. You can get ideas for keywords from there and you can also add your keywords.

• Click on save and continue

Now you have to make your Ad
• You need to put your final URL
• In headline one you need to put your main service for example Digital marketing.
• In headline to your needs to give an offer.
• Headline 3 you can write the name of your company.
• In description you need to give detail about headline 1.
• Click on save and continue.

Your ad is now ready.
• Go to tools and settings
Under bidding, you can add your budget and run your campaign.
For more data about the campaign click on Google add all the data will appear.

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