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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a part of marketing in which you use online platforms for advertisements for example giving ads on TV, newspaper, YouTube, billboards, and on websites whatever you choose your channel for marketing it is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing helps you to track people who are watching your advertisement responding to it even the number of people who are liking and disliking it which will be very helpful to you to make changes in your plans and gain success. It even shows you what needs are you able to fulfill, percentage of conversion and it even helps you in different kinds of experiments by slow changes.
You can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and so on.
Whatever advertisement you see on YouTube before the videos between the videos all is about Google Ads the advertisements on websites and other platforms are all done by Google Ads (Google AdWords).
One of the interesting things about Google Ads is whenever you execute a marketing campaign then it will ask you about the audience you have targeted on which website they would like to land the age groups gender and many more.

For very advanced and proper knowledge in digital marketing, you need to study marketing as digital marketing is a part of marketing. To learn to make a strategy for Digital marketing you need to know marketing.

Scope of digital marketing

Digital marketing has a huge scope and it is believed that by the end of 2020 there will be an increase in this industry 5 times.
I am providing you an example for your better understanding of digital marketing
Example: just go to Amazon and add any product in the cart and after that close the app, next 15 days you will be receiving the advertisement of the same product you are added in the cart. They will increase your interest to buy the product as you are the targeted audience. This is how digital marketing takes place.

Comparison of digital marketing and traditional marketing:

* In the above example as you can see through digital marketing you can know the interest of the buyers but through traditional marketing, it is very difficult to know each buyer's interest.
* Digital marketing helps you to change your Idea if it does not work but in traditional marketing, this is not so easily possible.
* Traditional marketing is very expensive whereas digital marketing costs very less.

Digital marketing helps you in

Global reach:
Through digital marketing, you can reach any part of the globe and your advertisement can be shown all over the world.

Personalized marketing:
Through this buyers can be shown advertisements according to their choice which will surely make them buy things.

Customer engagement:
Through digital marketing customers can be engaged in the product for example they will ask about the product will try to know about it and through that sales will be expanded.

Content variety:
Digital marketing gives you the power to have a variety of content that you can change every day or every week at your convenience.

Sales conversion:
Advertisement will surely increase the sale.

Cost reduction:
The cost of digital marketing is very less and in less amount, more and more advertisements can be done.

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